Collaborators of ESADE to train managers and companies in the Canary Islands in digital marketing

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ESADE, as one of the top global training centers for managers, is the leading MBA business school and executive training in Spain. It is currently the 4th most prestigious business school in Europe, according to the Financial Times.

Klawter is the only partner of ESADE in the Canary Islands, collaborating with the objective of offering managers and entrepreneurs an up-to-date training of the highest quality...

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4th European business school according to the Financial Times
ESADE has 11,307 students: 2046 from the Business School, 1215 from the Law School and 7776 from Executive Education
ESADE has trained 2068 international students through 148 exchange agreements

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An operative and strategic vision to understand the transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

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We believe in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, why not, the world. Unboxing offers a series of short and exclusive meetings with influential personalities who share, from their personal experience, the importance of an idea.

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