We turn words into images

Turn your followers into clients Make your box

Your content in social media tells your brand's story.

As a digital marketing agency we provide everything you need for your social media. We have created several boxes that include different customized graphic and audiovisual contents.

  1. Improve your brand's image and reputation
  2. Increase the impact of your social media
  3. Save time and costs
Advantages of content marketing

What's inside a Klawter's box

  • Images and videos for social networks

    Images & videos made for you

    Our creative team makes graphic content and original videos adapted to your brand, attracting more audience.

  • Online marketing objectives

    Strategy & protection

    We analyse your presence in social media, setting goals and seducing safely , protecting you against any illegalities.

  • Analysis and monitoring of your results online

    Analytics of results

    Every week we check the impact generated; then we quickly react and adapt ourselves to the public's response.

Types of contents

Graphic contents

We turn words into images

  • Custom contents in images Photography
  • Graphic content for your social media Infographics
  • Different graphic contents Graphics
  • Videos Videos 20"
  • Audiovisual content for social networks Video news
  • GIF contents GIFs

Complete your box

We manage and analyze your social media.

  • Community manager for companies Community
  • We manage your business blog Blog management
  • Digital advertising Campaigns
  • Legal validation of your digital strategy Legal validation
  • Digital marketing results metrics Analytics
  • digital marketing strategy Strategy

Make your own box See boxes


Design of audiovisuals and images for the client Centro Comercial El Muelle

Modern audiovisual content with entertainment as the starting point.

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Projects in the Canary Islands for our Meliá client

Use of storytelling to thrill the audience and transform a technical project into a commercial.

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Community manager and design service in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Commercial expansion with social media through digital conversion.

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Corporate branding for hotels

Use of social media as a channel of attraction and booking.

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Videoreport for client Unión Deportiva Las Palmas

Spreading of the foundation's projects, generating attraction to the brand in new circles of interest.

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Online Branding

Commercial campaign of the next upcoming academic year with a great success, filling the classrooms.

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What's your story?

Everybody wants to be remembered, to shine. We want to make strong, long-term connections with others. The best stories are impossible to forget. They stay with us and make us who we are. Unforgettable brands are made of carefully crafted stories and their customers can’t wait to hear the next chapter.

Do you want to tell the best story of them all?